Industrial Products

The high quality of our products and our 90-year industry experience promises safe and easy steps to transfer and collect products and waste in the industrial sector.

RENNER- Definitely Quality.



Agricultural Products


Poultry farming equipment for ethical barn management.

The need for ethical poultry farming is increasingly becoming a social consensus. By taking these positive thought into account, we have developed products that deal with the core ideas of ethical farming and support the process. Our durable, galvanized feeders, feeding machines and drinking troughs have been operated for generations - and the result is always the increase of poultry welfare. A better quality of life for the animals is guaranteed!



Our product characteristics:

  • made from sheets of steel
  • hot-dip galvanized in accordance with DIN EN ISO 1461
  • made from galvanized sheets of steel
  • easy and comfortable handling
  • stable and functional construction
  • suitable for agricultural and private use



Here you see selected products from our standard product range "poultry farming eqiupmet".



Sima round water trough (Model 3028-00)

Hot-dip galvanized product for making the connection to the plastic- oder rubberpipeline. Finally a fully automated Chicken-, Duck- and Turkeytrough. It is stable without inconvenient post and can be directly connectedto to the hose. Suitable for high and low pressures hose lines. Fits in a tyre. DGBM-DLG-prooved.