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The entire product life cycle, from product design to construction, surface-finish, mounting and delivery, takes place in Ahlen, the company’s headquarter.

We perceive ourselves as a innovative think tank with state-of-the-art production facilities.


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Company Culture / Sponsoring


We sponsor the ambassadors of our region.

Renner GmbH is a responsible and reputable company that operates in the Münster region. This means that we have an obligation not only for the well-being of our employees, but also for the welfare of the entire region.   We have establish a reputation in the region as a community conscious company as we have continuously made commitments to the region by supporting local institutions and regional clubs.


RENNER is a Schalke-Partner!


As of 01.07.2014 Renner GmbH is a official Schalke-Partner. We look forward to the upcoming 2014/15 season and hope for many exciting matches and plenty of goals.


Why Schalke?

As a metal processing company from a former mining town on the edge of the Ruhr region, RENNER feels connected to the "pot".  Just like Schalke, RENNER was founded at the beginning of the last century as a family business and as remained rooted locally and regionally.

We share with FC Schalke 04 not only the love of football, but also the companies traditionally-anchored commitment for ensuring the well-being of our employees. Regardless of gender, nationality and age, RENNER ensures that the sense of community is strong and inclusive. As a company we do not tolerate discrimination and violence.

Metal is our passion. Metalwork is part of the history of the Ruhr region. And the history of the Ruhr region also includes the FC Schalke 04. Therefore we are delighted to be a part of the football family now, as a Schalke partner.


As part of our new partnership with FC Schalke 04, RENNER immediately took Action!

The enthusiastic players from RENNER showed off their productivity and efficiency during the Sponsorcup of Schalke 04. The weather was amazing, as our 12 RENNER-football stars made their way to the Veltrin arena with lots of support, countless vuvuzelas...

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Good luck!

Competitive and Recreational Sports

The successful combination of professional and recreational leagues has been a flagship for Ahlen and the region. For many years, we have financially supported the football teams of LR Ahlen and RW Ahlen in the second and third Bundesliga and have proudly attended home games. We have also been a continuous sponsor of the handball team Ahlener SG in both successful and unsuccessful seasons. The regional handball division is one of the largest in all of Germany. The team currently plays in the Oberliga West and we hope that the club will be able to move up soon. In addition, the SG club is the  Ahlen/ Warendorf headquarters for competitive sports. Here, young athletes are supported academically and encouraged to pursue handball on a competitive level.

We wish the team a successful athletic season and hope that we can contribute to their success.


Renner is a proud sponsor of Stefan Windscheif, the local national player for beach volleyball . Stefan Windscheif's (26) big goal is to participate in the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro 2016.  Alexander Walkenhorst and Stefan Windscheif  won the 2009 European U23 championship. Currently Stefan is ranked second in the national DVV-ranking and 13th in the FIVB World Ranking.

The future of the Beach Boys is built on sand, W & W will fight to be one of the two German teams to qualify for the Olympics. Daily the Beach Boys train in Dusseldorf. Stefan's younger brother, Tobias Windscheif, is the Managing Director for the TuS Iserlohn and has played an
integral part in the teams sucess.

For more Information please visit:

 Jürgen Henke trains with the Beach Boys, Marcos    da Costa Melo und Stefan Windscheif. The Germany  jersey is a gift from the Grand Slam tournament in  Shanghai (9. Platz).


We support the 16 year old go-carting talent, Chris Dahlmann, who has already celebrates exceptional achievement at various championship including German and world competitions.

Culture and Art

On the cultural-artistic level, we support the Ahlen town festival that takes place on the colorfully decorated town square. This festival is a cultural three-day highlight in our region and celebrates international cultures.


We support other charitable and social institutions in the region such as "Phänomexx", an extra-curricular school lab, which promotes scientific teaching and is meant to add to the academic teaching in the natural sciences.

The main reason of our social commitment, is that we enjoy working with committed individuals, associations, institutions and projects. We are convinced that our society is improved and enriched by volunteering.

RENNER Recreational Activities/Sports

Company sport activity: Football at Renner - silver at the industrial and economic cup 2014.