Metallwerke Renner

The entire product life cycle, from product design to construction, surface-finish, mounting and delivery, takes place in Ahlen, the company’s headquarter.

We perceive ourselves as a innovative think tank with state-of-the-art production facilities.


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Historical Catalog
from 1924


Historical Pictures
and Drawings


1923 - 2015 = over 90 years of RENNER-Quality


“Tradition is not a cushion to rest on, but is merely a foundation for constant renewal.”

Experience and innovation has turned us into what we are today: a forward-thinking company with a commitment to our past and traditions.

RENNER evolved from a traditional craftsmanship to a modern internationally operating enterprise. From simple water buckets to complex waste disposal containers, we offer a large range of products that are single to costume manufactured.  Countless achievements have allowed RENNER to thieve in the market place.

Since the establishment of the company, RENNER has been operated out of the same location and has been a family-owned business for four generations.

The previous success of the RENNER is an obligation to the company today. We pledge to continue to maintain our excellent reputation by delivering solid quality products. Our business has over 50 employees, many of which were trained and educated within our company.


Founded as Westphalian Metallwerke Gesellschaft with limited liability by Josef Renner
  1924 Tin-coated and galvanized household goods of the highest quality
1932 Metallwerke Renner & Schwarte, factory for sheet metal processing and galvanization
1935 Metallwerke Renner & Co., sheet metal and galvanization factory
Marie and Josef Renner with their 4 grandchildren Eva, Heidi, Helga and Werner
Due to the high demand of products for daily use after the war, the company starts to make stove pipes, carbon filters, mortar buckets and boxes and much more.
RENNER product advertisement
Stove pipe order picking
1950 Galvanized system-waste disposal bin
Galvanized poultry farming equipment start to be produced.
1957 The  founder, Josef Renner, dies and Marie Renner inherits the company
1960 Registration of  patents and utility model for
poultry feeding systems.
Brochure for the  RENNER poultry feeding systems
1963 lacquered equipment for the construction industry

The brothers Bernhard and Hermann Bregenhorn receive the Federal Cross of Merit for their 50 years of loyalty as sheet metal workers. The son, Hans takes up the same profession and works for our company almost a long as his father.

Marie Renner dies, his two children Eva (Kammerzell) and Gertrud (Henke) become the shareholder of RENNER, and operating manager engineer Werner Kammerzell (picture on the left) becomes a limited partner.

Gertrud Henke transfers her company shares to her son engineer Werner Henke.

His technical experience, versatility and leadership skills benefit the company.

    In the picture 2nd & 3rd Generation: Eva and Werner Kammerzell, Mirja and Werner Henke.
Production of fed dispenser for pigs.

Barn equipment for pigs, the agricultural sector is gradually expanded and products are shown at trade fairs. 

1975 Fed dispenser for pigs.
1980 Transformation in the Metallwerke Renner GmbH&Co., sheet metal & galvanization factory
    Fed dispenser for pigs made out of stainless steel. 
1983 Partner and engineer Werner Kammerzell dies.

Plastic fed dispenser for pigs

Production of wastebasket

Distribution of lead fed dispensers and the microbial-enzymatic bedding method for horses and pigs (limits the odor and manure).


The purchasing of the civil engineering division of Sulo GmbH & Co.KG, Herford: galvanized and plastic channel products.


Milestone in the history of the company which was the basis for series production and optimization of production processes.


By buying neighboring properties inventory spaces were significantly  increased.


The family members Andreas Schulze Beerhorst and Jürgen Henke assume responsibility of the company and management.

1992 Construction of a functional and informative exhibition area and media division.
    The commitment to youth education is significantly expanded
1993 Last participation in the agricultural trade show "EuroTier" in Hannover

Production of functional equestrian articles

1994 The HfT trading company for civil engineering GmbH is established

Participation in the "EQUITANA" trade show in Essen

Manufacturing of horse boxes and stables windows


Appointment of Matthias Rikhard Henke to sales manager


Participation in the Innovation Award of the Münsterland with five innovations, including an insect barrier for organic waste containers.


75 year company anniversary

2000 The longtime managing partner Werner Henke goes into well-deserved retirement, conversion in to Metallwerke Renner GmbH, new managing partners are Jürgen Henke and Andreas Schulze Beerhorst
    Acquisition of Merkado Systembau GmbH
    Strengthening of the apprenticeship program in the commercial and industrial/technical fields
    Participation in the "GaLaBau" trade show in Nürnberg and the "ENTSORGA" trade show in Köln

Establishment of networks and partnerships with various companies as well as exploration of international markets.

2003 Acquisition of E. Kinzel KG company from Burgau , expansion of product range to include oil and lubrication equipment, and the acquisition of employees from the neighboring company Blomberg (production stop in Germany)

RENNER becomes a contract supplier for NORDWEST Handel AG in Hagen.


Innovative concepts for new waste container

RENNER becomes a contract supplier for  E|D|E procurement office for German Iron Suppliers Gmbh in Wuppertal.
2006 The demolition of residential buildings creates addition warehouse space.
RENNER becomes a contract supplier for E.I.S. GmbH & Co. KG in Cologne.

Sale of the plastics division for oil and lubrication equipment

Educational partnership with three schools in Ahlen
2009 Recieved the Intercultural Economic Award

Received the company award "We want: Economics for the Nordrhein-Westfalen Schools"


Andreas Schulze Beerhorst retires as managing director. Jürgen Henke becomes the sole managing partner.

2013 Substantial investment in machinery and buildings

Publication of the catalog "RENNER disposal products"


Received the award for integration from the city of Ahlen

2014 Relaunch of our company website