Industrial Products

We meet the needs of the industry by providing a large range of product from recyclables collectors, garbage collectors, disposal bag holder, refuse bins, dust bins, buckets, funnels, measurement and storage containers, tubs, advertising and decorative metal products to different containers made of tinplate and stainless steel.



Oil and Lubricator Equipment


That's really greasy.

Our simple and manually functioning oil and lubricator equipment can be used anytime and anywhere. They are handy, practical, and reliable, ensuring that all necessary oil and lubrication tasks can be preformed safely in a industrial setting.


Our product characteristics: 

  • made from sheets or tubes of steel
  • hot-dip galvanized in accordance with DIN EN ISO 1461
  • Powder coating in accordance with RAL and DB
  • made from tin plates
  • made from plastic materials
  • easy and comfortable handling
  • stable and functional construction
  • suitable for continuous industrial use
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Here you see selected products from our standard product range "Oil and Lubricator Equipment".